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05 December 2013 @ 10:12 am
PO LOVE 2013
Venue : Tokyo dan Fukuoka

(harga dalam IDR)

The List :
1. Original Photo Set - @ 85,000
2. Pen light - 200,000
3. T-Shirt - 380,000
4. Fluffy stickers - 75,000
5. Ribbon Bracelet (venue limited) - 75,000
6. Pamphlet - 300,000
7. Clear File (6 versions) - @ 75,000
8. Uchiwa jumbo (5 versions) - @ 75,000
9. Uchiwa mini (6 versions) - @ 45,000
10. Shopping Bag - 230,000
11. Bath Towel - 475,000
12. Pair Pouch - 200,000
13. Large handkerchief - 75,000
14. Letter Set - 75,000
15. Poster (6 versions) - @ 120,000 ** (see note)

Notes :

- Order poster hanya di terima apabila buyer bersedia untuk Meet up di Jakarta.
  Poster ga akan dikirim karena resiko rusak dalam pengiriman.
- Ada kuota 10 biji untuk tiap item & venue.
- Cara order bisa dengan email ke fleur_en_ciel@yahoo.com
- Ada pertanyaan bisa lewat DM @aibabe on Twitter atau aibabe on LINE.
- Pembayaran lewat transfer bank BCA / BNI / CIMB.
- Order dan pembayaran terakhir diterima tgl 10 Desember 2013 jam 10 pagi.
- Harga ga termasuk shipping cost dari Jakarta.
- Goods dikirim / meet up mulai tgl 27 Desember 2013.
10 June 2010 @ 02:57 pm

To June babies ... snoew, kuro_mai and Aditha (can't find your LJ id, but I hope you get to see this post) ~~


and little bit late but better than never

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25 September 2009 @ 11:03 pm
is kinda nerve wracking =/
I thought I don't own too much stuff. Everyone who have been to my room said that my room look empty, or it doesn't look like someone's living there xD

I feel like throwing some (more than half) of my clothes because I never wear them anyway. But girls, yes girls are never satisfied with amount of clothes they have, no? xD

How will I bring all this suitcase and bags, when will I move it to the new place? Too lazy to think now. I just wanna go into deep sleep while listening to arashi's ballad songs.

Everyone in Singapore must be in festive mood now. Enjoying stars seeing and crowd gets more exited than usual. I hope everyone have a great week end.

I shall end this post right here

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15 September 2009 @ 12:00 am
on this date 10 years ago, God-sent-tangible form of happiness and sparkling rainbow claimed their existence to this world.
Stealing hearts is the thing that they're best at.

I wanna say thank you to those fabulous five. Thank you for being my reliable source of laughter and well of inspiration and dreams.
I missed all good old story when they was still on their cocoon phase. I only get to know them when they're already become an enchanted butterfly. My plan for the future is to be a witness of their greatness for the next decade. I hope this affection is still burning by then.


I'm really happy to see you here, standing in the place that you're now. Looking forward to see the future ARASHI that will shine even brighter. Who knows when they're gonna do a world tour and Sakurai-san as Japan PM. There's a big change for them still doing silly games and running around like bunch of hot gorgeous preschoolers though. Anyway, I'll continue to support them until I got no reason left to adore those guys.

snippet of RL ..Collapse )

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to dyerose !!
first time posting? Glad to see you finally making good use of your account ^0^
please keep me inform about happening things on there, okay!
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20 August 2009 @ 10:32 pm
HAPPY 'very belated' BIRTHDAY to monomezurashii
I'm ashamed to say that I'm almost a month late ~X( gomenne Angie ^^;;
it's been a while since we last see each other. I'm glad to know you. Even if it's just for only a moment before you leave.
I pray for you to have good luck, prosperity and all the best in your life.

HAPPY 'belated' BIRTHDAY to happydaysx 
another special person who share birth date with my country!
*hugs you* >^o^<

I'm so thrilled by my All the BEST album.
it is beautiful. I looked at it and thoughts came to my mind 'you only can make an album like this after having 10 long years of fighting and working hard'
Arashi-san, otsukaresamadeshita m(_ _)m

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